9 signs that he uses you for backup sex

9 signs that he uses you for backup sex

How do you know if he really wants you or he uses you for backup sex in his life? Athens Escort Babes tell us their secrets and we share them with you. Read below 9 signs that show that he has you only for backup sex!

Anxiety at the beginning of a relationship is perfectly normal. Either because of the fear of being hurt, or in an attempt to look more mysterious and charming – usually for all of the above – most of us are in no hurry to open our papers. That’s why we can’t be absolutely sure if the new person who came into our lives feels the same excitement as us or just doesn’t have something better to do.

In fact, no matter how abstract or busy a person may be, there are certain things that should worry you.

The following signs show that although he maintains contact with you, he has his antennas open for something that will suit him better. Is it time to have a discussion?

1. It’s too late to reply to your messages

He definitely has a job – we all have. And, obviously, it’s perfectly normal for him not to see your messages right away when he’s at work. But if the long (or even multi-day) delay is the rule, he may put you in second place.

2. Never make specific suggestions

He tells you to go to his favourite cocktail bar or even a trip abroad at some point. But every time you ask for dates and coordinates, something else has been arranged or he doesn’t know exactly when he will be able to get permission. He probably doesn’t intend to implement any of these plans.

3. He always communicates at the last minute

Is he a very spontaneous person or did he not find something better to do? If he’s used to sending you a message at unexpected times and days, maybe it’s not because he felt an irresistible desire to see you, but because his previous plans failed.

4. He says he’ll pick up the phone, but he doesn’t

Yes, something may have happened. He may not have meant it from the beginning. When we really like someone, we try to be consistent because we don’t want to lose them. His attitude when he finally communicates with you should show you some things. The same goes for repeating this fact.

5. Appears when sex is needed

It is not bad to have sex with someone who is interested in you. But does he only appears for sex? This is definitely a sign that he wants only sex with you and nothing more.

6. Always choose the daily ones

For most people, weekends are a good time to do the things they enjoy and don’t enjoy every day. If he always suggests that you meet on Tuesday night, you are probably not a priority – it is possible that he is already in another relationship, to which he dedicates these two precious days. Obviously these do not apply if her days off are on different days.

7. You never set the terms

There is no time when you suggest something, while on the contrary you make sure to empty your schedule whenever he decides to send to you. Think about the whole course of your contacts: If things seem a bit unequal to you, maybe it’s time to express it.

8. He does not include you in important events

It is perfectly normal – and legitimate – to spend the first time in a relationship locked in four walls. But when things go wrong, we usually feel the need to include our new partner in the rest of our lives.

If you find out (literally) after a party that he was having a birthday party, tell him that you wish he had invited you. There is always the possibility that he thought you would not want to go. If the reason is more unpleasant, at least he will have to reveal it to you.

9. You are not having a good time

It is not a matter of intuition. You may find it difficult to find a way to behave in an unacceptable way, but small signs of lack of interest or respect gradually build up and push you. Take a breath and reflect on your feelings.

Would you like to continue to be in this psychological state for months or even years? If not, the best thing to do is tell him how you feel and what you would like from contact with him.

Backup sex never becomes a relationship

Unfulfilled and troubled loves will always exist. They will be the one-sided, unspeakable, light-hearted love at the end of the tunnel. It is not difficult to fall in love with someone you should not, let alone the quarrel you have for the difficult days and nights.

Motherhood is something familiar, a good bed, something you are a little desperate for. It’s your fault that you have a problem coming second in his life.

Freedom, or rather the absence of this copper of commitment, makes you relaxed and less hypocritical in pretending to be something else to please. You’re yourself, you’re having a good time, you’re laughing, you’re having fun.

And yes, your emotion springs up like a javelin and is nailed to your heart. And once you get the idea and become obsessed, it’s not too late to become an awkward reality. What the hell is going on now?

Are you a stand or relationship?

The news is not good. Very rarely does your stand become a relationship. It is not your fault. When you get into such a game you accept playing substitute and not basic. If this is how you are presented to the other person, then he will still see you. Since you yourself condemn yourself to compassion and choice of necessity, do not later ask to become a protagonist in a movie with a happy ending.

Especially when you have let him treat you like that. Without many messages and phone calls, without common outings, without many intimacy other than sex. How then can you dare to pick up the phone, my child, to see what he is just doing? You have no right, because such an adult agreement is something like a secret organization. With its own rules and operating protocols.

There is also the famous power of convenience. When one is physically relaxed, the hormones calm down and one thinks a little more clearly. The other has what he wants, okay, “let’s get here and we’ll fall in love another time,” he thinks. So he rests and gains what you have generously given him. You’re kind of like an opportunity in a supermarket. What do you expect your partner to do? It will be grabbed by someone else.

In fact, to get involved in something free and light means that you are not emotionally available. He may be overreacting, he may want to party without commitments, he may be destructive. A thousand and two scenarios play out. So if he wanted something more, he would claim it. Just like that.

If he really wanted you, things would be different. Good sex doesn’t necessarily mean karma, fate and everything else. Keep in mind that good sex means pure good sex. Learn to separate emotion from the voice of the hormone looking for a way out. Not everything is perfect.

The main reason you will not experience the change in your free relationship is another. Quite simply because you will not speak. Do not lose for fear and you will not risk a little for a lot. You will let a situation be perpetuated, you will be hurt and you will hope for a change. Until the day when the other person will give you the shoes in hand so that you can have the responsibility somewhere.

What you do, whether you talk or not, is up to you. But the problem starts elsewhere. That you agreed to participate in this informal agreement is a mistake from the beginning. After all, when you get into games, you know that defeat is always possible. What do you say, is it worth it to suffer?

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