The best of Santorini by a sworn fan



The Greek island I have fallen in love with is Santorini. What has won me over in this is the view, its alleys and of course the sunset. Find at Emporio 847 03 and call us on 694 457 7918 and take a Santorini private tour.

The first thing that comes to mind when I hear its name is the uphill alleys in the city of Fira that invite you to explore. The can’t miss beaches are Kokkini and Mavri. You have never seen anything like it anywhere.

The beach that not many people know and is worth a visit is in Kamari. It may not be so commercial and be on the other side of the island, but you have to take a walk. The best place to stay is Karterados. It is a stone’s throw from Fira and the rooms are good and reasonably priced.

My favorite spot on the island is Fira. Endless walks, photos, food and drinks. The most special place on the island is Oia. You stay with your mouth open from the first second. The village I never get bored of visiting is Imerovigli. Even songs were written about it.

The best places to eat on the island are the taverns that you will find on the way to the beaches. All with awesome views. Otherwise for something fast in Fira. The local specialty that is a must is Revythada. More famous than the sunset. For dessert I always go through Fira, where it has more flavors in ice cream balls than you can imagine.

For a night out I choose the shops overlooking Fira. Relaxing music, cocktails and a view to satiate your eye. One of the things that is definitely worth seeing is the Volcano of Santorini. It is located opposite and you go by boat. A special trip that will not disappoint you.

I recommend it to those who want to see something really impressive and fill all the memory of their mobile phone with photos. The best spot for photography is clearly Oia. That’s why everyone goes there, after all.

The houses / rooms with the white freshly whitewashed walls with the blue shutters were fabulous and the view from them was incredible, it was magical! The sea, with the rays of the sun shining on it, seemed motionless and the brown-red caldera with the houses on the edge of the cliff made us wonder if what we were seeing was true or false. Then we understood what makes tourists come to Santorini! Santorini has something that magnetizes you and it has no other island. I challenge you to find out too.

The sunset of Santorini

Santorini sunset is the most famous in the whole world. But it has a uniqueness and something that you can not see anywhere else on the planet. It is really special to see the sun disappear in the Aegean Sea and at the same time to paint the characteristic white houses of the island built on the caldera created by the eruption of the volcano thousands of years ago! If you manage to see the sunset from Oia located in northern end of the island, then you will understand me.


Oia is a picturesque settlement in Santorini. When you visit the island you should go to see it, walk it and the only sure thing is that it will not disappoint you. Characteristic are the houses in the area above Ammoudi because apart from the well-known white houses there are also many colored ones! Its beauty is hidden everywhere. In the alleys, in its shops, galleries, houses, hotels and restaurants and cafes that look like hooked on the caldera, in the chapels with the blue domes with their bell towers.

The best place to see the sunset from Oia

The best place to see the sunset in Oia is the castle of Oia . Two hours before sunset the people gather in the castle to find the best place. The crowd is so much that finally just before sunset there is no free spot in the castle, alley, wall, church or terrace near it. Everything is full of a human crowd anxiously waiting for the Sun to go to sleep and give the baton to the Night Queen.

The summer sun in Greece is still hot at that time and it will not be easy to wait an hour or two until sunset. And no, I’m not going to spoil your idyllic image, but it’s the reality. Some who find themselves in a cafe or restaurant facing west may be luckier. Otherwise I would suggest comfortable light clothes and water or a cool cigar in hand and enough patience not to lose the magic! In Oia is one of the five Kastelia of the island. Oia was one of the five castle cities of Santorini, during the 13th -16th century AD. and was called Kastelli of Agios Nikolaos.

The castle of Oia Kastelli Agios Nikolaos dates back to 1480, when the island was in Venetian superiority. Unfortunately, the earthquake of 1956 caused a lot of damage, with the result that a large part of the settlement and the castle fell into the sea. Today only a part of the tower survives.

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